What kind of cbd is good for nerve pain?

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the phytonutrients found naturally in hemp, including terpenes, flavonoids and oligocannabinoids. These compounds work together to amplify the health benefits of each cannabinoid, producing the “entourage effect”. This is the best type of CBD for neuropathy. Studies have suggested that CBD may be an effective supplement for relieving nerve pain.

CBD is thought to work by stopping or slowing the pain signals sent by nerves to the brain. Applying cannabidiol (CBD) oil to a sore area or taking it by mouth can help ease the pain of neuropathy. However, more research is needed to establish the safety and efficacy of CBD products. These CBD oil products come in several types, including isolated, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD oil is obtained using the Moonshine extraction method, which offers stellar quality CBD oils containing low levels of terpenes and THC.