Is sativa or indica better for nausea?

Traditionally, indica varieties are more associated with a body high that makes you feel relaxed. They are often recommended for people looking for strains to relieve pain, insomnia, nausea, or lack of appetite. Are you at least 21 years old or do you have a valid medical marijuana card? Ideal for treating symptoms associated with nausea, Blueberry Diesel has a THC percentage of 20% and a CBD makeup of 1%. The effects that consumers have when smoking this cannabis strain are calming, happy and relaxing.

Many medical patients use this hybrid strain to relieve pain, eliminate fatigue and reduce anxiety. Because this marijuana strain has long-lasting effects, Blueberry Diesel is excellent for use during bouts of nausea throughout the day, giving medical patients the ability to continue to function and be productive despite feeling nauseous. The pure cannabis sativa strain is very potent, with an average THC content that ranges from 17% to 26% and a CBD level of 1%. Durban Poison has a sweet but spicy earthy scent and a flavor profile with notes of lemon, orange and vanilla that are both spicy and creamy.

While this variety can be used both day and night, its effects are energizing, productive, stimulating and relaxing. You'll recognize Durban Poison with its gigantic resinous buds covered with trichomes and its distinctive orange hairs. Often used for nausea, anxiety and stress, lavender has a THC composition of 19% and CBD of 1%. Users often experience euphoric, relaxing and calming effects, so it's best to use the Lavender variety at night when you don't need to be productive.

In addition to suppressing nausea, medical patients turn to the Lavender marijuana strain to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, insomnia and migraines. With a high THC content of around 23%, this hybrid variety looks like a traditional marijuana plant and many trichomes crystallized in the plant's buds. Users experience a very balanced high after smoking OG Kush, allowing them to feel rejuvenated and energized. Then, as they relax and descend from above, they may experience a little tiredness on the couch.

Sour Diesel can start the day off right and be used throughout the day to boost energy and creativity. The THC content of Sour Diesel has an average percentage of 22%. It's no wonder that, with its high power, Sour Diesel has orange and pink buds covered with crystallized trichomes. While Sour Diesel is excellent for eliminating nausea, keep in mind that the aromas of smoking this variety will last long after you consume it.

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