Is cbda better?

CBD and CBDA have a lot of similarities, but since they work in the body differently, CBDA may better alleviate certain symptoms than CBD. And science is just beginning to learn about the unique benefits of CBDA. If your definition of better means more potent, then yes, CBDa could be superior to CBD. Sometimes known as the mother of all cannabinoids, CBDA has acted more powerfully than CBD and THCA in several scientific animal studies.

If you're curious to know which one is more potent, your answer is CBDA. Placing drops of CBDa oil under the tongue (sublingual administration) is the best way to ensure rapid and efficient absorption and minimize delays associated with digestion. If CBDa is an ingredient in raw, unheated form, then it could be an active ingredient in a therapeutic oil. In this study, both CBDA and THCA were found to have an inflammation-inhibiting effect, but CBDa proved to be the stronger of the two.

CBDA oil drops can be applied directly to the skin topically or added to your favorite cream or beauty product. CBDA is what is known as an acid precursor to CBD and is only produced when raw cannabis containing CBDA is heated, causing what is known as decarboxylation. Because high-quality human research on these cannabinoids is still emerging and there are still many unknowns, in this post we'll share what you need to know about this CBDA oil.