Is cbd oil beneficial for menopause?

No high-quality research shows that CBD improves sexual desire, decreases pain, treats depression or mood disorders, decreases symptoms of PMS, such as bloating and cramps, or relieves menopausal symptoms. This may change as more studies are done, but for now, the jury is deliberating. Currently, there is very little reliable evidence to suggest that CBD oil can treat menopausal symptoms. You can use CBD oil as a supplement to your dietary regimen and do low-impact exercise to combat inflammation during menopause.

When it comes to depression, CBD offers some notable benefits for the different causes of this disease. Some phase 2 clinical trials are underway on the effects of CBD on different types of depression. CBD could contribute to this phenomenon by activating the PPAR-gamma receptor that stimulates our metabolism. In addition, CBD also helps increase the production of natural endocannabinoids, including 2-AG, which can mitigate insulin resistance, especially during menopause (.

Renowned companies use CO2 extraction, as it leaves them with a clean and powerful product. The oils extracted with CO2 come in a beautiful golden amber color, which is an indicator of their high quality. If your menopausal symptoms are mild and you've never taken CBD before, it's best to start with low levels and slowly. I would opt for low to moderate strengths, such as 250 mg to start with.

You can find CBD in the form of isolates, oil, edibles, and even topical products. Pain can also be quite common when you're going through menopause. Headaches, joint aches, inflammation, breast pain, and more are associated with menopause. There is also an increased risk of developing arthritis.

More than 60% of women in the 40-60 age group suffer from muscle and joint pain. CBD may be useful in reducing pain and inflammation and making your life easier. .