Does cbd effect circulation?

CBD significantly increased blood flow in the hippocampus, however, CBD did not cause significant differences in blood flow in other regions of the medial temporal lobe (MTL), of which the hippocampus is an important component.

CBD oil

must be studied in randomized clinical trials in people, not animals, before it can be considered safe or effective for heart failure, Lundgren says. In addition to the effects of CBD on the heart and vasculature, there is evidence that CBD also influences blood cell function. Although acute or chronic CBD treatment appears to have little effect on hemodynamics, CBD reduces the cardiovascular response to stress models, applied systemically or intracranially, inhibited by a 5HT1A receptor antagonist.

In addition, while the FDA has approved some CBD drugs to treat certain diseases, don't expect over-the-counter CBD to be safe or beneficial for heart failure, Lundgren says. Taken together, these studies show that CBD influences both white blood cell survival and death, white blood cell migration and platelet aggregation, which could underpin CBD's ability to delay or prevent the development of cardiovascular disorders. The placebo effect may be powerful, but Professor Sumnall warns that if people try CBD oil instead of talking to their doctor, it could cause a problem.